A Deep Dive Into South American Mushroom Strain

The South American is a unique Psilocybe cubensis mushroom strain. This strain is known as ‘laid back cubensis’ for its calming and smooth psychedelic effects. South American is one of those strains recommended for beginners. South American contains notably high concentrations of Psilocybin and Psilocin.

South American is also easy to grow and is one of the fastest-growing cubensis strains. This strain has a fast colonization rate and produces a lot of spores. South American is also resistant to contamination.


As the name denotes, the South American strain comes from South America. This strain grows wildly in the South American continent, especially Venezuela. This strain grows solitary or in clusters and can be found in tropical and subtropical regions.

Spore Chicks, a psychedelic mushroom vendor, collected the first sample of the South American strain. Spore Chicks is no longer operational but has left a mark with the South American strain.


The South American comes with broad caps that start looking dark red and become golden brown with maturity. The stems can get about 150-350 mm long. This strain features white flesh and is bruises bluish green easily. South American changes color as it matures from white/gray to black. South America comes in compact clusters and produces a lot of fruits.

Besides the large fruiting bodies, cultivators can expect three to four waves of flushes. These flushes are usually more voluminous than the average cubensis mushroom.


The effects of the South American strain are known to be light and mild compared to other cubensis strains. The hallucinations South American produces are not intense and have been described as balanced. South American also projects a connection to nature and the world. This strain is ideal for people known for Psilocybin mushrooms.


South American thrives in tropical and subtropical regions and on different dung types, including cattle, yaks, oxen, and water buffalo. The South American mushroom strain also grows well on brown rice four and rye grain.

The South American strain has also been found in Cuba, Central America, Mexico, and South America. And other subtropical regions like Australia, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, and India.


The South American strain produces a lot of spores and is known for its rapid colonization. South American is also resistant to mold and disease making it ideal for cultivators. South American spores are usually dark purplish brown.

Spores are also easy to transport and usually come in sterilized syringes and air-tight bags. It would help keep spores in cool and dark places or refrigerators.

The South American liquid spores are widely available for sale thanks to the popularity of this strain. Although widely available, you must be sure of the vendor you patronize. It’s essential to source clean, viable spores that have undergone testing for impurities.

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