Disposable Vaporizer Review

Puff Xtra Limited Disposable Vape 3000 Puffs Review

Puff Extra, a renowned vape brand, combines aesthetics, performance, and longevity to offer vape enthusiasts this limited-release vape device. The Puff Xtra Limited Disposable Vape is an exquisite device that is part of the Puff Extra collection, comprising top-tier disposable vapes with a vast collection of incredible flavors to choose from. This affordable, convenient, portable, and durable device is a solid choice for anyone looking for a high-performance device that doesnt require maintenance. Below is a full review of everything that the  Puff Xtra Limited Disposable Vape entails

Product feature

Compact, sleek, and convenient

The Puff Xtra Limited Disposable Vape is made with durable, top-grade material protecting it from constant falls, impact and extreme conditions. The device has a matte finish to facilitate a firm grip and natural hand feel. This makes it easy to hold for prolonged durations when vaping. This compact vape can easily fit in the pocket, making it an ideal companion for individuals who are always on the go. tEach of the colors available is vibrant and quite aesthetic. This is definitely the kind of device you would want your peers to spot you with.

Integrated 1000mAh battery and large vape juice capacity

Enjoy longevity with the integrated 1000mAh battery that guarantees to support optimum vaping until the vape juice. The Puff Xtra Limited Disposable Vape holds an 8ml vape juice capacity despite its compact size. The device delivers 3000 flavor-filled, vaporful puffs.

15 mouthwatering flavors

The device is available in 15 different flavors, namely Lychee Ice, Cool Mint, Lush Ice, Blue Energy, Aloe Grape, Peach Gummy, Tropical Fruit, Blue Razz Ice, Gummy Bear, Watermelon Skittle, Frozen Mango Candy, Strawberry Ice Cream, Aloe Mango Melon Ice, Strawberry Pineapple Guava, Mixed Berry Pomegranate Candy. Each of these flavors is designed to meet the needs of various vapers’ taste buds needs. If you want sweet, sour, or a mix of both, there is always something for you. Besides the flavorings, the vape juice contains PG, VG, and 50mg of salt nicotine. All these ingredients work together for the perfect vaping sessions.

Pre-filled and pre-charged

Puff Xtra makes it extra easy to vape by providing a pre-filled and pre-charged device that requires zero maintenance. As a consumer, all you need to do is remove the vape device from the package and start vaping. You no longer have to worry about changing vape parts or refilling vape juice. Simply use up the e-liquid and dispose of the device correctly.

Mesh coil

The Puff Xtra Limited Disposable Vape is integrated with a mesh coil that facilitates faster heating, better clouds, and impressive flavor production. Unlike traditional coils, a mesh coil is long-lasting, so you are guaranteed optimum performance for the entire time you will be using the device.

Auto draw feature

Just when you thought it was over, it gets better. The Puff Xtra Limited Disposable Vape has an automatic draw feature that allows you to vape without pressing any button. Place your lips on the mouthpiece and start making your draws to use the device. The device automatically activates and begins producing vapor.

Where to buy the Puff Xtra Limited Disposable Vape

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