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Smok Nord Starter Kit Review

Smok is one of the leading brands in the vaping hardware space. Although the company is not known for making pod kits, it has certainly created classics with the Novo and the Nord. The Smok Nord is an improvement on the Novo. The huge battery capacity and different coil heads of this device set it apart from other pod kits on the market.

The Smok Nord is a small, powerful device. It measures 94mm by 30mm by 18.8mm and weighs 80g. It is easy to carry it around. You can fit this device in your pocket or bag without any issues. The Nord has a solid plastic shell and comes with different colorful finishes. It is available with a Cobra-style finish, a resin finish or a solid color finish. Apart from the colorful finish, you’ll notice that the Nord has a duck-billed mouthpiece which is very comfortable to use.

The Smok Nord is very easy to use. There is a single button on the device. It serves as the off/on button as well as the firing button. When the device comes on, there is an LED light in the middle of the button that flashes white.

The Smok Nord has a 1100mAh battery, which can last you a whole day. The device comes with a micro USB cable for charging it. You will find the charging port under the device. The Smok Nord supports pass-through so you can vape while it is charging. The LED light in the middle of the firing button doubles as the battery life indicator. When you click the button twice, it will flash a light to indicate the battery strength level. If the light shows green, the battery level is between 100 percent to 70 percent. The light shows yellow when the battery is 70 percent to 30 percent, and red when it is 30 percent or below.

The Nord comes with two coils; one 0.6 ohm mesh sub ohm coil for direct lung vaping, and a 1.4 ohm coil for mouth-to-lung vaping. The 0.6 ohm coil is perfect for MAX VG freebase nicotine e-liquids while the 1.4 ohm coil is suitable for nicotine salt e-liquids. The coils are not built into the pods. Instead, it can be attached and removed from the pod. However, it is advisable only to do so when the tank is empty to avoid any mess. Simply plug the coil into the base of the pod to install it.

The pods that come with the Smok Nord can hold 3ml of e-juice. To refill the pod, turn it to the side and pull up the rubber plug to reveal the filling port. You need to tilt the pod to the side to fill it to the max.

If you are looking for huge clouds, you need to go for the sub ohm coil. It vapes smoothly. The Smok Nord allows you to customize your vaping experience. I’d say the only thing this device is missing is the ability to select the voltage/wattage that you are vaping.

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