The All-New VOOPOO Innovative Atomization Ecological Platform

VOOPOO, an international leading innovator in vaping technology, announced the launch of their all-new atomization ecological platform. This innovative platform provides vapers with an enhanced and more intuitive vaping experience.

The new platform will include VOOPOO’s latest atomization technology. In this article, we take a closer look at what you need to know about the all-new VOOPOO atomization ecological platform.

What is VOOPOO?

Founded in 2017, VOOPOO is a Shenzhen-based manufacturer of vaporizers, mods, and accessories. Since its inception, the company has quickly risen to become a major player in the international vaping industry.

The company’s portfolio includes many products that have been embraced by both experienced vapers and beginners alike. These include VOOPOO’s series of innovative vape pods and their highly advanced range of mods and tanks.

What is VOOPOO’s all-new atomization ecological platform?

VOOPOO atomization ecological platform covers TPP atomization platform, PNP atomization platform, and ITO atomization platform. You can use atomizers and atomizing coils of different platforms on one machine, so that vapers will have a lower overall use cost and a more diverse experience. Unlike other brand products, a machine can only use the specified atomizer, which cannot be used universally.

What is PNP Platform

PNP stands for “Plug and Play”. The all-new VOOPOO PNP platform is a game-changing new approach to vaping that will redefine the way vapers interact with their vape mods and tanks.

The PNP atomization platform provides the most diverse selection of atomizing cores. Whether it is pod, pod mod, or mod devices, you can find the surging cloud and rich taste you want. The platform for switching big cloud and dense taste experience at any time. One machine with multiple coils, and quick coil exchange, can let you enjoy a variety of large cloud and rich taste experience in the most economical way. At the same time, the proposal of the general concept of PNP atomizing coil will also bring lower cost.

What is TPP Platform

TPP PLATFORM is VOOPOO professional atomizer system that integrates professionalism and high output, designed to create a more powerful vape experience. The newly upgraded MESH Tech delivers a more powerful performance and richer flavor, with faster heat-up, even heating, and richer flavor resolution than regular MESH cores. If you want to try a super cloud experience, try their TPP platform, which will absolutely amaze you.

What is ITO Platform

The ITO platform is an atomization system that creates the ultimate taste experience. It aims to ensure the ultimate taste and taste stability of products based on vaper needs. ITO is mainly applied to pod products, born for the taste atomization technology, and brings a smoother and more comfortable taste experience in nicotine transmission, heating area, and nicotine analysis.

The new generation of taste atomization technology is equipped with the ITO platform, which increases the delivery rate of nicotine salt by 1.5 times, and speeds up the start-up speed of the microphone by 0.1 seconds, which perfectly analyzes the nicotine salt and brings the most comfortable taste experience.

Advantages of the VOOPOO atomization ecological platform

The all-new VOOPOO atomization ecological platform offers many advantages for both new and experienced vapers. Here, we take a closer look at some of these benefits.

Enhances the vaper experience

The all-new VOOPOO atomization ecological platform is designed to improve your overall vaping experience when you’re using the latest products from VOOPOO.

vapers will enhance the performance of their mods and tanks by making extensive use of advanced atomization technology. This will give them a more reliable and consistent vaping experience.

It makes vaper feel safer

The sophisticated safety features that come with the new VOOPOO DRAG X/S, ARGUS GT, and the VINCI POD also make it possible for you to feel safer while vaping.

These include the built-in temperature protection featured in these devices and the built-in personalization options that allow vapers to choose their vaping temperatures. This means that you can easily adjust your devices’ power, wattage, and temperature settings to suit your particular needs.

Final Thoughts

The VOOPOO atomization ecological platform is sure to help to enhance vapers’ overall vaping experience and make it more diversified. This will help make vaping safer and more enjoyable for new and experienced vapers alike.

The platform will also allow vapers to enjoy their vape mods and tanks in a way that was not previously possible. We hope that this article helps you!