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Cookie Butter By Vape Pink 100ml Review

Cookie butter is a disposable vape by Vape pink from propaganda e-liquids. Propaganda e-liquid is a popular brand of e-liquids and vapes that has been in the market long enough to collect a significant following of consumers and keep them glued through the creation of better vape products throughout the years.

This vape juice is made by blending oatmeal cookies with brown sugar and sprinkles of cinnamon. Milk is also added to the combination to deliver the flavors a great feel and smoothness. This cookie butter comes in a 100ml pack, allowing you to choose the nicotine concentration of your choice among 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg that are available for purchase.

The cookie butter has crusty and crisp edges, but its center is exceptionally soft and fleshy. It mainly focuses on the butter taste, with the sugar, cinnamon, and milk being minor additions for the purpose of taste. However, the cookie butter vape also ensures you do not consume too many undesired calories, and you can hence vape on it as much as possible without the fear of obesity.

The vape has a 70:30 ratio of PG to VG, maintaining a perfect solid throat hit and exhalation of large and puffy vape clouds. This cookie butter is the most fantastic vape by vape pink. Below is a deeper look into these features;

Zero nicotine option

If you are a smoker interested in zero-nicotine vapes, this cookie butter by vape pink is your ultimate choice since it gives you the chance to choose 0mg nicotine inclusion at the time of purchase. With this option, you get to enjoy equal opportunity of satisfaction like the rest of the vapers across the industry but at your preferred zero-nicotine level.

Nicotine lovers can choose among the 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg nicotine concentrations. The 3mg is best suited for new vapers or individuals trying to reduce their nicotine intake. The 6mg nicotine concentration is for mid-level vapers who enjoy strong nicotine feel without it being overwhelming. The 12mg is good for advanced vapers that require a high nicotine concentration.

PG to VG ratio

Cookie butter by vape pink has a ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin of 70:30. This ratio ensures you enjoy extremely puffy clouds in every exhalation while maintaining very fulfilling throat hits per puff.

Calorific value

Cookie butter by vape pink can be mistaken for a product that risks giving too many calories, but that is not the case. This cookie butter has low amounts of calories, the kind that can not affect your health negatively by causing health problems associated with obesity and high calories level. This factor encourages smokers to seek the product without worrying about unintentionally adding weight.

Dessert flavor

Cookie butter by vape pink is essentially made with a dessert feel in mind. This is the most appropriate device for you if you are a consumer who fancies dessert-like tastes in your vapes. It gives you a satisfying feeling of fulfillment through the flavor of the dessert, which perfectly pairs with the zero-nicotine option of the vape.

Bottle capacity

Cookie butter by vape pink is filled in a cool 100ml bottle, a great capacity to hold just enough e-liquid for multiple vaping sessions. This device has a beautifully made top to ensure zero leaks during vaping and ensure your lips lock perfectly. The bottle is small-sized to fit into small spaces and pockets.

Where to buy the Cookie butter e-liquid

You can buy the Cookie butter e-liquid from the West Coast Vape Supply website for $12.99.