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Understanding Mushroom Liquid Culture

To some people, the idea of using liquid culture to grow mushrooms isn’t something familiar. Some think they have to be skilled or very educated to manage this; however, that is not the case.

It could be even easier than you might think. If you want to learn about this process, continue reading this article, and we will explain everything you want to know.


By the time you finish this article, you should be able to grow your mushroom using the liquid culture technique.


What is Mushroom Liquid Culture?


Mushroom liquid culture is an aseptic mixture of specific sugars and water. This mixture develops the growth of Mycelium once inoculation with mushroom spores has been done.


Advantages of Using Mushroom Liquid Culture 


  • Limitless mycelium growth
  • Lowers the risk of contamination
  • Reduces incubation time


How to Make Mushroom Liquid Culture


Use the following criteria to know how you can grow mushrooms from liquid mushroom culture.


Here is what you will need;


  • 10ml syringes
  • Airport jar
  • Specific sugars
  • Needles
  • Pressure cooker

How to Make Your Liquid Mushroom Culture

  • Mix the warm water and the sugar you chose
  • Place a lid on the jar
  • Use aluminum foil to cover the jar top
  • Set down on the pressure cooker
  • Cook for 15-20 minutes. Overcooking will make the sugar caramelize, thus leading to low Mycelium or no growth
  • Let the pressure cooker cool( naturally)
  • Allow the contents ad jar to reach 20°celcius
  • To the tissue culture, add the mother culture

Frequently Asked Questions about Liquid Mushroom Culture

  • Where Can You Buy Mushroom Liquid Culture?


One can buy liquid mushroom culture from superstrain. This is a reputable online website that sells high-quality products.


  • How Long Can You Store Mushroom Liquid Culture?


You can store liquid mushroom culture for three months in the fridge.


  • How Long Does Mycelium Take To Grow In Liquid Culture?


14-21 days will promote a considerable mycelium amount. The Mycelium can inoculate agar plates, or grain spawns mushrooms.


  • How Often Do You Stir Liquid Mushroom Culture?


For 4-5 days, don’t disturb the jars. After resting, you can continuously stir the culture for some days to break the Mycelium, thus introducing oxygen.


  • What Colour Should Liquid mushroom Culture Be?

You should be able to see through (clear). The Mycelium should be white.

  • Does Liquid Culture Need Air Exchange?

No. Liquid mushroom culture doesn’t require free air exchange.

  • Can You Put Agar into Liquid Mushroom Culture?

Agar is used to identify contamination and isolate germinating spores and cultures. Clean Agar is used in the inoculation of broth or sterilized grains.

  • How Can You make Mycelium Grow Faster?

You can reduce carbon (Iv) oxide if the Mycelium doesn’t develop properly for the first two days.

What Affects Mycelium Growth?

  • Temperature
  • cultural Media 
  • Nitrogen and Carbon sources.

Final thought


The information about liquid mushroom culture will help you grow your mushrooms at home.