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TAAT Review: Everything You Need to Know About Smoking These Alternative Zero Nicotine and Zero Tobacco Cigarettes

You may have heard about TAAT and their revolutionary hemp cigarettes that taste, smell, look, burn, and even feel like regular cigarettes. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you may need to know about the innovative product that may completely redefine the way people perceive cigarettes in the future. 

Who is TAAT?

TAAT has roots in Canada and the US. The company officially launched its alternative cigarettes in Dec 2020 and has made waves in the industry in a relatively short time. Setti Coscarella, the CEO of TAAT is a former Phillip Morris executive, and he taps into his years of experience in the cigarette industry to guide the direction of the company.

What Makes TAAT Unique?

TAAT is not your typical alternative cigarette brand. This company uses a proprietary hemp-based filler called Beyond Tobacco for its cigarettes. Beyond Tobacco is a combination of hemp, water, and food-grade flavoring. These ingredients are processed using a patent-pending technique to create a product that is exactly like tobacco. TAAT uses high-quality hemp plants grown in America to make its products. 

Unlike other hemp cigarette brands, the people behind TAAT understand that the sensory experience of smoking cigarettes is an equally important part of the smoking experience as the nicotine rush. Therefore, they seek to preserve this experience in their innovative product.

TAAT cigarettes look exactly like regular cigarettes. They come in the same FSC branded paper and have a similar soft filter. These alternative cigarettes also taste, smell, and burn like regular cigarettes.

Are TAAT Cigarettes Safe?

TAAT cigarettes are tested by a third-party laboratory to guarantee they are safe and ensure each stick has a consistent quality. You can scan the QR code on the pack to access the lab test result. 

Will TAAT Get Me High?

No, TAAT cigarettes contain less than 0.2% THC. Such a low THC level is not enough to produce any psychotropic effect. These hemp cigarettes contain about 25mg of CBD per stick. So, instead of getting you high or producing a nicotine buzz, they will have you feeling calm and relaxed. CBD has many other health benefits. 

Are TAAT Cigarettes Legal?

Yes, TAAT cigarettes are not subject to the same regulatory restrictions as cannabis or tobacco products. These alternative cigarettes are hemp products. And in keeping with the 2018 Farm Bill, each stick of TAAT contains less than 0.2% THC. This makes them federally legal. 

Where Can I Buy TAAT Cigarettes?

TAAT cigarettes are available online at the TAAT official store (https://trytaat.com) and many other smoke shops. They’re also available at 2000 shops in 20 states across the country. The TAAT team is currently working to make their products available in every part of the country and the world. 

What are the Different TAAT Flavors?

TAAT cigarettes are available in different flavors. You get to choose from TAAT Original (bold tobacco flavor), TAAT Smooth (light tobacco flavor), and TAAT Menthol (minty tobacco flavor).

TAAT is one of the premier brands for everyone interested in smoking herbs Canada and the US. Head over to their website to learn more about this company.