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Review: Argus Air Pod Kit by VooPoo

VooPoo is a vape brand offering some of the finest vaping devices and accessories on the market. This brand has a large collection of vape products and devices that will suit different vapers: new and experienced. This post will focus on one of the best VooPoo vape systems on the market, Argus Air. This pod kit features a classic design, excellent airflow, a powerful battery, and new technology. You will enjoy pleasant vape sessions using Argus Air.


VooPoo made Argus Air with a pebbled shape, this device is lightweight and weighs about 54 grams only and about 68 grams with the pod installed. Argus Air fits in the hands excellently and would not weigh your pockets down. Argus Air comes with a leather and zinc finish. VooPoo also made this pod vaporizer using leather, zinc alloy, and PCTG POD materials. This device also features a satin line. Argus Air has dimensions of 95.3 x 31.4 x 19.3mm.

The Argus Air pod kit has a classic look and is available in different color finishes including Classic Black, Carbon Fiber, Vintage Grey, Red & Black, Claret Violet, Silk White, Ash Brown, Snow Land Camouflage, Desert Camouflage, and Vintage Brown.

VooPoo also designed the Argus Air to be easy to use. You put this device on by clicking the fire button five times. With three clicks you can adjust the wattage. You press the fire button for 2 seconds to navigate the menu.

Argus Air also comes fitted with an LED screen that displays all the information you need. This screen shows the battery level, puff count, coil resistance, and wattage. The screen also shows how many seconds you wait after taking each puff.


The VooPoo Argus Air comes with a 900 mAh battery designed for long vape sessions. Charging this device does not take long. It only takes about 75 minutes for this VooPoo device to get fully charged. You can charge the Argus Air battery using a USB- cord.


Argus Air makes for pleasant vaping sessions. This pod vaporizer comes fitted with the GENE chip which offers vape excellence.

The wattage of this VooPoo vape device can be changed from 5-25 watts. The air holes of Argus Air are designed to be adjustable, so you can customize them. Vapers have the option of closing or matching the pod when placed at 180 degrees. The Argus Air pod kit also comes fitted with two pods with a 3.8 ml capacity. This device works excellently with PnP coils.

The Argus Air pod comes with two different pods: the standard 0.6 ohm PnP coil. Argus Air is ideal for both MTL and RDL vaping.


Like other VooPoo vape systems, Argus Air comes with a series of safety features. Examples of these include overtime protection, short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, output over-currently protection, over-discharge protection, and over-temperature protection among many others.


The Argus Air pod kit is available for sale at most vape stores like other VooPoo products. You can also choose to buy directly from the VooPoo online store. At this store, you can buy Argus Air. Other VooPoo products are also available for sale at this online store. The main advantage of buying directly from the VooPoo store is being sure of the quality. And as manufacturers, they tend to offer the best prices.

You can also reach out to the VooPoo store customer service for more information regarding your product and shipping. With VooPoo, you can be sure your products will arrive quickly, so you don’t have to wait for an excessive amount of time for them to arrive.