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Everything you need to know about the new Dragbar5000 and Dragbar5000c

ZOVOO is continuously hitting the e-cigarettes market with the outstanding performance of its products. Currently, ZOVOO is releasing their latest large mouth disposable vape products called Dragbar 5000 and Dragbar 5000C. ZOVOO purchasers will surely be interested in knowing the new updates on these products. 

This post will go over the incredible features, look, and performance of ZOVOO ‘s latest products, the Dragbar5000, and Dragbar5000C, which will improve your vaping experience.

  • Overview

Since its introduction, the Dragbar series has captivated and delighted e-cigarette users worldwide. Its color, texture, and taste express the ZOVOO brand’s accessible, stylish, and warm appeal. ZOVOO ‘s utilization of ethyl maltol shows its deep understanding of consumer demands and provides a new taste and experience with disposable vape.

With its strong technological foundation, ZOVOO, a consumer company, keeps breaking the present market, innovating new technologies, and delivering a pleasant and excellent vaping experience.

  • The Dragbar 5000 and 5000c

The Dragbar 5000C is highly competitive in terms of unique designs, attractive multicolored lighting, excellent mouthful quality, and a variety of flavors. Affordability, elegance, and warmth are all featured. Moreover, the Mesh Coil vaporizer core black technology can provide consumers with a fun experience. The gorgeous appearance and excellent flavor reproduction will amaze every user.

  • Dragbar 5000 and 5000c Features


The Dragbar5000C uses “Ethyl Maltol” ingredients that provide quality sweetness without adding to the usual sugar intake. Ethyl Maltol is a glucose and fructose replacement approved by the FDA as well as the European Commission Scientific Committee on Food (EC/SCF). It has no impact on blood sugar.

Fresh lock

There are three ways to maintain the freshness of each large puff on the Dragbar5000C. The oil bunker contains eight layers of silica gel from both inside and outside, making it leak-proof and fresh-locking. Silica gel will be used to maintain the taste of the food while it is being shifted. Expert condensate recovery and oil storage separation ensure that each drink is new and clean.


Dragbar5000C comes in 10 various dual-color variants with a new, inviting look. Dragbar5000C brings a metallic accent to the color pallet, emphasizing its modern and futuristic visuals. Also, the Dragbar 5000C includes a beautiful seven-color light display at the bottom that changes color while using it, adding to the fashionable and lively vaping experience.


The Dragbar5000C is available in 10 distinct flavors. Along with the eight fruity tastes, we offer minty and nicotine tastes for the experienced vaper to add to the sensation. Both versions include the ZOVOO team’s innovative Mesh Coil, ensuring pure flavor. The redesigned mesh coil increases heating volume and rate. The vapor result is smooth, rich, and satisfying.

Freshness keeper

The Dragbar 5000C carries 13ml of vape oil. On the other hand, the Dragbar 5000C contains 11ml of vape oil. Both variants allow 5000 puffs. Both goods use ZOVOO ‘s Silicone Fresh-Keeping Method, which uses several layers of silicon walls inside and outside the oil container to prevent leakage and seal freshness and quality.

The silicone packing effectively prevents oxidation and losing taste quality even after long-distance shipping and storage. The collecting system separates condensation from the tanker. To fully enjoy the e-liquid, customers do not need to be stressed out about the battery capacity since it is integrated with standard Type-C charging.

  • Where To Buy?

If you want to know more about ZOVOO’s Dragbar 5000 and Dragbar 5000c, or other products and other related questions about vaping experience. Visit our official website

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For a long time, ZOVOO has provided a fantastic experience to its consumer. Along with the releases of quality products, the innovation and development of features and performances of these items are highly present within their production.

The adoption of this different technology also improves the experience of many vapers all across the globe attention to product details. The assurance of flavor provided by the ZOVOO crew is what has earned the ZOVOO Dragbar series such a high level of praise and positive reviews from multiple clients in different countries such as North America, Europe, and other places.