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Vape Gang XXL, Gang XL & Duo Disposable Vape Review

The Gang disposable vape is arguably one of the best-looking vape systems on the market. This device not only looks sleek but also comes with impressive features. This Gang XI and XXL vape system is also designed for excellent vaping performances. The Gang disposable vape device is designed for pleasant vape sessions. Vape Gang XXL, and Gang XL disposable vape systems are designed to be easy to use and work without any spills, or mess during refilling.

The Vape Gang XXL and Gang XL disposable vape systems come with 1.3 ml of e-liquid. This vape juice is available in different flavors and contains 50mg of nicotine salt. Nicotine salt-based blends are smoother and offer a stronger nicotine hit than e-liquids freebase nicotine.

The Gang XXL device comes with an innovative circular design. This device can be used straight out of the pack. You will get about 600 puffs before it runs out. The Gang XXL vape system is available with different e-liquid flavors. Below are some examples of these nicotine salt e-liquid flavors.

Apple Ice

The Gang Apple Ice e-liquid has the flavor of sour, crisp green apple. This e-liquid tastes like real fruit.

Banana Ice

Banana Ice Gang offers a blend of ripe bananas and menthol flowing throughout the inhale and exhale.

Blueberry Ice

This Gang vape juice is designed to appeal to vapers who enjoy berries. This e-liquid has the flavor of ripe blueberries and menthol. Blueberry Ice is the kind of e-liquid you vape all day and not get bored.

Blue Raspberry

The Gang Blue Raspberry Ice e-liquid has the flavor of blue raspberry blended excellently with menthol.

Cool Mint

This Gang vape juice is designed for vapers who enjoy menthol-based blends. Cool Mint offers a blend of chilly mint flavor flowing from inhale to exhale. Cool Mint is an all-day vape choice.

Cherry Lemonade

This vape liquid by Gang offers a delicate mix of cherries and lemonade. You can taste the crisp cherries when you inhale. On the exhale, the taste of the sweet and tangy lemonade flavor explodes.

Grape Ice

This Gang e-juice has the flavor of ripe grapes and menthol. This e-liquid does justice to this popular recipe. You will taste the sweetness of the ripe grapes on the inhale. It is when you exhale that you taste the cool mint flavor.

Grape Soda

With the Gang disposable vape juice, you will get a blend of classic grape soda flavor with icy undertones. The flavors in Grape Soda are of excellent quality and are well blended.

Gummy Bear

The Gang Gummy Bear is another impressive e-liquid by this brand. This vape juice will appeal to vapers with sweet tooth cravings.

Lemon Ice

This is another high-quality e-liquid by Gang. This vape juice has the flavor of ripe lemons with its tangy notes and ice. These flavors blend nicely throughout the inhale and exhale.

Mango Ice

With this Gang e-liquid, you get to taste a blend of sweet ripe mangoes and cool mint. This vape juice feels like summer.

Melon Ice

This Gang e-liquid has the flavor of honeydew melon and ice. When you vape Melon Ice, it is the sweetness of the melon flavor that comes through. You will only taste the cool ice when you exhale.

Orange Soda

This vape juice offers the taste of classic orange soda with notes of ice. You will not be disappointed with this one.

The Vape Gang XXL, Gang XL & Duo disposable vape device is available for sale at West Coast Vape Supply for $9.95. This Gang system normally sells for $15.99. This store also has a wide collection of other vape devices from a host of other brands.